Memorial Day Wedding

In my many years as a photographer, I’ve had the fortune to bear witness to so many perfect moments. On this occasion, I spent a glorious sun-kissed day in May- with newly weds Jenny and Justin, …and their wonderful families. Generations that go back further than one can fathom, filled a magnificently adorned barn- at Five Fillies Farm in New Wilmington,PA.


Rays of sun peered through the timeworn-wooden slats, and stirred joy and happiness that flowed freely throughout the room. Good and humble men- young and old… danced, smiled, drank, and loved; with the beautiful women of this warm and patriotic family. Through this artist’s eye, it was an immaculate send off- for two amazing people. In love, and in life…and this is only- their beginning.


Thank-you to Jenny & Justin for allowing me to be part of your special day!!