Lindsey & Anthony

Wind Is Anywhere

© Dee McDonald

The wind, it moves in wondrous ways.
Through the tree branches it blows and it sways.
It takes all the leaves and flies them so high.
Then briefly it lets go and they fall from the sky.

Its strength is so varied, from timid to strong.
The length of the blowing can be short or long.
Sometimes it tickles the tip of your nose.
Sometimes sends shivers to the tips of your toes.

It can bring some surprises with each passing day.
The wind will surprise you in many ways.
The sweet sound of whistling, the roar of a storm,
It can bring you some happiness and also bring harm.

The next time you see a bag blow down the street,
The next time you feel the wind at your feet,
Remember its power, its beauty, and grace,
For the wind can be anywhere, it can be any place.