Nina, Zack & Rufio E-session

Engagement sessions hold a special place in my heart. I truly love what I do- and every photo I shoot is a piece of me. My vision. Nevertheless, getting to be there in those private - beginning moments, is so precious. This session was even closer to the heart for me though.

Nina and Zach (and Rufio their Bloodhound), met up with me at Hell’s Hollow and Moraine State Park…for a gorgeous shoot. Zach and I go way back; his mom would keep an eye on my brother and I when we were only small children. I have such fond memories of those days. Now, here we are…all these years later. Full circle. Getting to know his stunning wife-to-be (Nina), was amazing. She is a warm and loving woman…and I couldn’t be happier for my old friend.

Next July, at Renfrew Farms- I am blessed to be there to document their next big step.

The wedding.